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Rob: Mugga
DB: Muggle
Rob: Mugga
DB: Muggle
Rob: That is our word. You can’t use it.

- Old man Willackers

Jun 2

Anime in a Nutshell

According some animes.
Most japanese girls are 12 year old, including girl in high-school.
Most mother looks like a teen.
2 out of 3 parents work oversea.
33% of the japaneses are blonde.
33% of the japaneses are black hair.
33% of the japaneses have a hair of color :red, pink, green and other.
School life is about : clubs, eating at the rooftop and running outside of the classroom.
In Japan, rape it is like the same than saying “hello”.
In Japan, exists a rape-Train/subway.
In Japan, all monks are expert in martial arts, however if they are old then half of them are a perv.
In Japan, 33% of the murder are committed in a locked room.
In Japan, sport field are 300% biggest (and unlimited if it is a soccer field).
In Japan, the proportion of male vs female is 1 of 5, hence most male own an harem.
In Japan, mascot talks or knows some magic tricks.
In Japan is OK to carry a sword.
In Japan, if you see a tentacle then run. trust me.

People sure love the plot

May 5
So majestic

So majestic